Mars Style

ey characteristics of the Ethnic furniture style. The Ethnic decorating style either copies the patterns, tendrils and floral motifs and rearranges them in new colors or uses the typical color constellations of Native American, Peruvian, Mexican or even African tribes with modern inspirations of traditional patterns.The colonial style was created between the 17th and 19th century and can be described as a historical model for today’s Ethnic furniture style. The colonial style was characterized by the fact that Europeans brought their architectural styles into the then new regions such as North, Central and South America.

Design Service

  • Venus panel 24 line including panel keys.
  • ElSweedy Cables with a guarantee.
  • Aladdin Or Mustafa Mahmoud hoses + Electrical switches and outlets from Sanchi or similar
  • Gypsum board spots & chassis
  • TV & Telephone outlets.
  • Feeding & PR Pieces pipes for 2 bathrooms and kitchen including Sika 107 insulation for
    bathroom floors.
  • Sewage system from Al sherif
  • Sets for 2 bathrooms (basin + base + bathtub) from Ideal Standard or Duravit
  • Turkish mixers for 2 bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Fitted for the entire unit ceilings
  • Sealer + 3 Putty Knives + 2 Plastic Faces (Dayton – Beijing – GLC – Sipes)
  • (Cleopatra – Art – Innova – Royal) The price per square meter does not exceed 120 EGP
  • Porcelain 60cm x 60cm for the reception The price per square meter does not exceed 200 EGP
  • Large PS anti-noise and dust, tinted or transparent glass
  • Room Door: From Musky wood + Shellac and esters paint
  • Apartment Door: Wood or armored, with a maximum of 4500 EGP

Gypsum Board
  • German Kenov, 4 mm galvanized accessories for the reception and the aisle, with a maximum of